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My name is Bettina Enriquez. I'm 14 years old and I have shoulder-length black hair and dark brown eyes. I love horses ALOT!! I just started jumping, but it's so fun!! I'm going to board a chestnut mare named Pippa. I don't have any pictures with her yet, but I will soon! Here's a picture of me:

I look pretty dumb! Anyway, I own one feisty Umbrella Cockatoo. He's so adorable! And he's clever, too. Just recently he learned how to get out of his cage all by himself! He's turning 2 on April 12, 1998. I just turned 14 on February 12. Here's a picture of Vanilla (the cockatoo) in all his glory:

I love surfing the web and making webpages!! I've made quite a few, so far. Here are the links to 'em.

My WebPages

HoofBeat - lots to do here, learn all about horses!
HorseNuts - a fun SIM (or cyber, same thing really) horse game where you can own your own your own SIM horses!
HorseNuts Clip Art - see a fantastic collection of original horse clip art that you can get for FREE!

That's it! They're all really great sites, visit them! Don't forget to sign the guestbook! Also, I love drawing horses. I've painted a few, and though I can't scan them (oh, too bad), I can scan my horse sketches!

My page has been galloped to times!!!!